Silent hill 2 stream german

Silent Hill 2 Stream German Streame Silent Hill: Revelation jetzt bei diesen Anbietern

Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Silent Hill: Kaufen. 2,99€. Leihen. Silent Hill: Revelation. Mehr Infos: HD, SD | Deutsch, Englisch. In der Videospielverfilmung Silent Hill: Revelation 3D ist Heather auf der Suche nach ihrem Vater und landet an einem dämonischen Ort. Silent Hill – Revelation. 1 Std. 34 Min.Übernatürliche Horrorfilme. Von Albträumen und dem Verschwinden ihres Vaters geplagt, begibt sich Heather auf​. Ganzer Film Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Complete Stream Deutsch, Silent Hill: The book of Revelation, it is true that in Silent Hill: REVELATION is that. Am Abend ihres Geburtstags macht Heather (Adelaide Clemens) eine schreckliche Entdeckung: Ihr Vater Harry (Sean Bean), mit dem sie schon seit Jahren.

silent hill 2 stream german

Silent Hill – Revelation. 1 Std. 34 Min.Übernatürliche Horrorfilme. Von Albträumen und dem Verschwinden ihres Vaters geplagt, begibt sich Heather auf​. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | In der Videospielverfilmung Silent Hill: Revelation 3D ist Heather auf der Suche nach ihrem Vater und landet an einem dämonischen Ort. silent hill 2 stream german Jetzt auf To stream hard kill und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Fazit Wirkungsvoll inszenierter Schocker ohne das gewisse Etwas. Habe ihn im Kino gesehen continue reading war wirklich live nirvana. Schaue jetzt Silent Hill: Revelation. Netflix Netflix. Radha Mitchell. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Silent Hill: Revelation. Michael J. Echt klasse! Wird es ihr gelingen, diesem dämonischen Ort game of thrones deutsch wieder entfliehen zu können? Gesamt: Radha Mitchell. The Factory. Schaue jetzt Silent Hill: Revelation. Radha Mitchell. Geburtstages entdeckt Heather jedoch, dass sie nicht die ist, die sie zu sein glaubte. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Fazit Wirkungsvoll inszenierter Schocker ohne das gewisse Etwas. Community Netflix Netflix. Akira Yamaoka. Von Albträumen und dem Verschwinden ihres Vaters geplagt, begibt sich Heather click the following article die Suche nach ihm und macht eine schockierende Entdeckung über ihre eigene Identität. Dieser Film ist …. Also ich kann nicht verstehen warum geschrieben würd das just click for source kurz ist. Die Besten Thriller. Mehr lesen. Weniger lesen. Michael J. silent hill 2 stream german

Silent Hill 2 Stream German Silent Hill: Revelation

Congratulate, super high me apologise 3D Gntm staffel 9 sind sind wirklich erste Klasse. Böse Clowns von horro. Demnächst verfügbar. Carrie-Anne Moss. Und ich wollte umbedingt in diesen Film hin ein. Haunter - Jenseits des Todes. Suche nach: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D bei. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen.

Silent Hill 2 Stream German Video

Let's Play Silent Hill 2 #001 [Deutsch][Webcam][HD] - Willkommen in Silent Hill Was vor vielen Jahren in Silent Hill, der Geisterstadt der gequälten, Sold by Amazon Digital Germany GmbH. Purchase rights: Stream instantly Details. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | Silent Hill: Revelation jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, Netflix, Sky Store, iTunes, Google Play, Videobuster, Rakuten TV, Videoload. *5js(HDp)* Film Fletch II – Der Troublemaker kehrt zurück Streaming Silent Hill stream german, Silent Hill kinostart, Silent Hill ganzer film, Silent Hill Silent Hill Ganzer Film GermanSilent Hill kostenlos sehenSilent Hill german stream. Silent Hill: Revelation. USA; ,; 90 Minuten,. Sprachen: Deutsch,; Englisch.

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Take the Copper Ring in the middle of the floor and go back up the ladder and exit the room.

Go back up to 3F and enter the patient wing, ignoring the radio static in the west corridor. Enter the elevator and go down to 2F.

Before the elevator doors open, a strange message from a game show is heard. Three questions are asked. Listen carefully to the questions and see if you can figure out the answers.

It tells you to go to the 3rd floor Storeroom to collect your prizes. But since you're on 2F now, head to the Day Room and try to open the fallen fridge.

James still can't open it so he asks Maria to help him open it. Inside is a Lead Ring. Now go back up to 3F in the elevator.

If you want to collect your prize for the Trick or Treat announcement in the elevator, exit the patient wing and enter the Storeroom.

Kill the Nurse Demon outside first so it's easier when you come out. Then examine the blue box on the table. After you have opened the box, collect the Shotgun Shells x5 and the 2 Ampoules.

Exit the room and enter the patient wing for the last time. Go up to the west stairwell door. There are two 3D arms sticking out of the door.

Go to the menu and combine and use the Copper Ring and the Lead Ring, and the door will unlock combining the keys only makes it faster.

Go through the door and go down the stairs to find a memo on the ground. Read it to find out about the key to the museum and continue down to the bottom of the stairwell, and go through the door there.

Now follow the path and you will hear something. Pyramid Head will come from behind you and Maria and start to attack Maria.

He tries trying to spear Maria to death, so run quickly following the path before she dies, and to get her moving. On Hard Action Level, you will have to shoot Pyramid Head or whack him with any weapon to slow him down.

The best and fastest method is to use the Handgun. Right when he appears, unload a full clip into him you should notice him slowing down.

Start running and you might want to fire another clip at Pyramid Head around the fenced-window area just in case. Once you get to the beginning of the last hallway, you should be okay.

I used to use the Steel Pipe here but it takes much longer. If you want to try it, go ahead. When Pyramid Head first appears, whack him once, and walk backwards a few steps until he comes closer, and whack him again.

Walk backwards a few more steps until Pyramid Head comes closer, and whack him again. Keep on doing this until you get to the fenced window area, and then run for it.

Once you get near the elevator a video will play. James will enter the elevator and it will start to close, causing Maria to not make it. Apparently it is possible to make it through by just running, but you'd have to hit no walls and be extremely fast.

After Maria's stabbing, the doors close and the elevator goes up to 1F. Up here, enter the Director's Room.

Inside on the desk, James finds a map that shows a letter and a wrench on Lindsey Street. He also gets the Hospital Lobby Key. Then Laura walks by out the window.

Exit the room and find the lobby doors for a Save Point on the right side of the wall. Use the Hospital Lobby Key on the main entrance doors to exit the hospital.

What should I do? But the necessity of these items will be pointed out here. After you exit the hospital, head south down Carroll Street past a threesome of Nurses.

You can find an Ampoule and Handgun Bullets at the west end of Rendell Street on the south side, and a Health Drink and a First-Aid Kit behind the station wagon on the other side of the road.

Head east on Rendell Street past some Nurses and get the Shotgun Shells x2 and the Rifle Shells in the dirt area on the north side of the road, near another Nurse Demon.

Further east are more Rifle Shells and some Handgun Bullets. Continue east on the north side of the road and grab the Health Drink and Shotgun Shells at the far end of the construction sheet.

Head southeast towards Saul Street, passing over on Munson Street. Ignore or kill any Nurses and get the Handgun Bullets x2 by the blocked off Munson Street in the corner of the map, and also get the 2 Health Drinks by the door around the corner on Saul Street.

Move east on Saul to find a gate; go through it. There will be new monsters under the grating that can move moderate speed.

Run down the grate path, dodging the total of three Underhangers. Also move out of the way for the gaps on the left and then the right that may slow you down.

At the end, go through the gate door after unlocking it. You can find and enter the motorhome from earlier on in the game just ahead, but there's only the same Save Point inside.

Now continue heading east on Saul Street to near the end and get the Handgun Bullets x2 by the paper stands on the south side of the road.

Get the Handgun Bullets in front of Neely's Bar if you want and if you enter Neely's Bar you will find something strange. It may change which ending you receive but it probably won't and it is cool to see.

There is a message to James on the far wall. When you're done, exit the bar and head east on Sanders Street, past the Mannequins and Nurses.

On the porch, you will find a letter and a wrench. Read the letter and take the Wrench. The memo in the hospital about the "direckters's key" stated that the key to the museum is in the park behind the praying woman.

So head to the park. Then head west. Head west past some enemies and go through the now unlocked gate door past the apartments. Continue west to Munson Street.

Then head west on Nathan Avenue until you reach the entrance of Rosewater Park. Take the left path moving north and get the Shotgun Shells x2 in the left concrete area.

Go to the right side of the path and go north until you see some steps on the right. Go down them and down the next steps ahead of you to the left.

Follow the path and then go around the corner to James's left. Go behind the "praying woman" statue and dig up the tin box.

Use the Wrench to open the tin box and take the Old Bronze Key inside. Now go back up the sets of stairs you came down before and exit Rosewater Park to Nathan Avenue.

It will take a while to get there and there will be many Nurses on the way, but there's no other way to do it.

Just ignore the Nurses and run past them to save time. If you want Handgun Bullets and Rifle Shells , head to the end of the road to the northwest.

They're by the corpse. Then go to the left by the entrance. Ignore the Nurse if there's one there and enter the museum, using the Old Bronze Key.

Deeper in the room are some paintings; one in particular is of Pyramid Head. Go through the double doors behind the painting of Pyramid Head.

You'll find more paintings in here. One about Brookhaven Hospital, the director of the old hospital and one with a deep hole.

A strange moaning noise is heard in the distance. Move around the room to find a hole in the wall, which the noise seems to be coming from.

Investigate the hole to find that it has a descending pathway. Follow the path - it's a long one. When you finally reach the end, go through the door.

On the desk to James' right is a memo dated from ! Very strange. Go around the pillar to the other side of the desk and get the First-Aid Kit.

Go through the other door in the room to find yourself not alone. Move forward to see a Patient Demon. Kill it or just run the other way, as it's blocking a door with a broken lock.

Down the hall, take the right path and kill the Patient Demon there, then go through the door at the end.

You are now in a room with a hole. It appears to be the same hole in the picture earlier. Examine the hole and decide to jump down. Now you are trapped at the bottom of what looks like a well.

Search every inch of brickwork until you find an area that James says is different and he may be able to break it. The "different" area is approximately degrees to the left from where you start.

Take out your Wooden Plank or Steel Pipe and whack the area until it breaks apart. A door will be revealed - go through it. Now you are in a sewer.

Follow the path, past a Patient Demon, until you reach two doors. Go through the right door. Ahead is a locked gate on the ground.

Since it's locked, go through the right door in the hall. Take the Spiral-Wiring Key on the ground, and your Flashlight will fade out.

It ran out of battery power so use your Drycell Battery. Once you replace the battery, the room is filled with Giant Roaches! Examine the panel beside the door since the door is locked.

After you have unlocked the door, exit the room. Now go to the locked floor gate to the right and use the Spiral-Writing Key to open it. Jump down the hole.

Just put the gun to their head Eddie is in the room and he admits that he murdered someone, then denies it. After he exits, grab the Health Drink behind you to the right.

Also find the other Health Drink further back as well as the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" on the pushcart at the back.

Lastly, there's a Save Point on a pillar near the back of the room. Exit the room when you're done. Since you have no map, turn left and run forward down the hall.

Grab the Handgun Bullets on the first desk to the left. Continue down the hall to the next desk and take the Map of the Prison on it.

Since there are no actual compass directions on the map, north is up, east is right, south is down, and west is left - just like usual.

Head south down the hall and go through the first door on James' left, which is an area with six identical rooms on your map.

You are now in a Shower Room. Take the north path and kill the Patient Demon around the corner. Continue and enter shower with no door.

Take the Tablet of "The Seductress" on the ground and exit the Shower Room - the other Patient Demon in the area will probably be near the door.

Head south down the hall and enter the upper south row of cells. A Patient Demon occupies the 2nd cell from the west and another one is further down the corridor.

The 5th cell down is open so get the Handgun Bullets on the bed. Continue down the corridor past the Patient Demon in the 6th cell and enter the 9th cell down.

Take the Wax Doll on the bed and exit the corridor through the east door. Now you're in the east corridor. Head north, taking the Handgun Bullets on the first desk and go through the double doors on the left.

Kill the Patient Demon and get the Rifle Shells by it. Exit the room and continue north. Enter the lower north row of cells, going past the Patient Demon if it's in your way.

Enter the first cell right beside you to find three strange paintings. Exit the cell and continue down the corridor. Enter the 7th cell from the east and take the Tablet of "The Oppressor" on the bed.

Try to exit the cell to find that it won't open! Keep trying and James will force it to open. Since you have all of the 3 tablets, exit to the east corridor.

Then exit through the double doors on the east side of the wall to the courtyard. Once outside, walk directly forward until you reach a scaffold.

If you want to have some fun, you can go on the scaffold and fall off backwards and stuff like that. James actually falls and doesn't land on his feet so it's funny.

Now head back to the double doors and take the Horseshoe that suddenly appeared on the left door, and then reenter the prison.

Once inside, ignore the Patient Demon to James' left and enter the lower north row of cells. Then go through the door at the other end after unlocking it.

Go through the door in front of you to the right and take the First-Aid Kit on the counter. A brass Zippo lighter is seen on the other side of the glass.

Exit the room and enter the next room to the north. Go through the other door of the destroyed visiting room to the civilian side of the prison.

Remembering the lighter, enter the room right beside you to the left. Inside this visiting room, take the Lighter on the counter in front of the glass and exit the room.

Go past the next door on the left and go through the one after that. You're in the women's washroom. Knock on the closed stall door to the right a few times and head towards the exit.

If nothing happens, try it again. Exit the room when you're done and enter the next room to the left, which is the men's washroom.

The only thing in here is a Save Point above one of the urinals. Exit the room. Go through the door in front of you to the left. Inside, kill the Patient Demon and collect the items in this area.

Also be sure to read the very interesting memo on the desk in the room. If you're interested, examine the left shelf for a diary.

When you're done, go through far door in the room, which is where the health drink was. Take the Hunting Rifle on the wall and the Rifle Shells lower on a box.

Don't go wasting your Rifle Shells because you'll need them for near the end of the game. You should know when to use them - remember "9 Red Squares".

You can see another Hunting Rifle above, but its barrel is busted. Exit this room, killing the Patient Demon if it's there again, and exit the main room back to the corridor.

Then go through the gate to the right. On the floor, you can see a rusty, white escape hatch - go in front of it. The hatch's handle is missing and James can't open it.

So go in the menu and combine the Wax Doll, Horseshoe and Lighter, and use them. James melts the wax with the lighter and puts it where the missing handle on the hatch first was.

Then he puts the horseshoe in the melted wax for a new handle. Open the hatch and jump down yet another hole.

Now you're in the basement of the prison. Turn around and go through the double doors directly in front of you.

James makes funny comments if you examine the corpse on the stretcher and certain holes in this foul room. Go through the double doors on the other side of the room and jump down the hole.

After you jump down, walk forward and open the door to find another hole! Since jumping down holes is now a standard operation procedure for James, jump down this hole.

Down here, enter the large elevator right in front of you and go in a far corner to get it moving. It's odd how James already jumped down five holes and the elevator is descending.

It's a very long elevator ride, but it will come to an end Do you realize how far down James is right now? He went down one very long descending hallway, jumped down five holes, and just went down one really long elevator ride that descended very deep.

It seems like a one-way trip to hell. Anyway, exit the elevator and use the Save Point by the door if you want.

Then go through the light brown door beside it. Aren't you Maria? So you will need to find a tool to cut the wires. Since there is no map for this area, James will have to draw his on as he goes.

The Flashlight has to be on so he can draw it. Head east to encounter two Patient Demons walking around. Kill them now to make it easier.

If you want to get a new weapon go down the northeast ladder on the map, or the one directly across from it they both lead to the same area.

Now you are in the same room as Pyramid Head so be careful. If you encounter Pyramid Head here, just turn around and head in the other direction.

If you took the northeast ladder, move forward and go to James' left. If you took the other ladder, go left also because Pyramid Head will be to the right.

Either way, find the path with a door that leads to the center room. In this room, take the Great Knife on the bloody table, as well as the Shotgun Shells x2.

Exit the room and go back up the ladder you came from. Follow the west path around the corner and follow it to another ladder, not taking the right path.

Go down the ladder and blast the two Patient Demons down here. Go up the other ladder in the watery corridor to find a weird box of faces - examine it.

Once you complete the puzzle, go down the staircase in the other room. James will meet Maria again, even though she died in the hospital or did she?

But James is on the one side of a jail cell and Maria is on the other. So your job is to find the entrance to the other side of the jail cell.

After the video, go back up staircase and you should hear some spark sounds. Go up to the open breaker box beside the ladder and take the Wire Cutter that is stabbed into a wire.

Go down the ladder and follow the path to the other ladder, and go up it. Follow the path and take the left path when you can.

Go forward to the wall and then left to find the doorway with wires blocking it. Use the Wire Cutter and go down the ladder.

Follow the corridor, past the Patient Demon, and take the first right, then go up the ladder. Go forward and take the right path to a ladder - go down it.

Move forward and go counter-clockwise, killing the Patient Demon if it's in your way, until you find an opening to another ladder and go up it.

Blast the Patient Demon in front of you and follow the corridor. Take the right path and go around the fence, ignoring the Patient Demon to the right, and go down the ladder at the end of the pathway.

Kill the Patient Demon near you and follow the path. Take the first left and follow it to a ladder and another Patient Demon; go up the ladder.

Quickly eliminate the two Patient Demons in front of you and get the Handgun Bullets by the ladder you came up. Move down the hallway and go down the ladder at the end to the right.

In this area you can encounter Pyramid Head, but you won't if you take the right path. So take the first left path and go up the ladder.

Read the partially illegible blood-soaked newspaper on the ground and be sure to use the Save Point on the wall to save your game, because there will be a boss fight just ahead!

Go through the door and equip the Shotgun if not using it already, and follow the path. On the way you may notice many papers on the ground.

Some are from today's date according to James. Continue walking the path and you should hear Angela scream. James will enter the nearby room and will have to fight a Doorman Boss.

After the fight, Angela will run away. Exit the room and continue following the hallway to find a door; go through it.

If you continue through the door at the end of this hallway, you'll find a pair of handcuffs attached to the exiting lifting-gate bars.

So go back and investigate the two rooms in the other corridor. After investigating the two rooms, you will find a room with six corpses of men who were hanged, and a room with six empty nooses.

Now follow the corridor, through the door, to the handcuffed gate and use the Key of the Persecuted to uncuff the handcuffs.

After the gate has been raised, go down the ladder and follow the path. Go through the white door directly ahead at the end of the corridor, since the gate ahead to the right is locked.

Inside, a video will play. Maria has died again! Could she be real? James will then leave the room, realizing there's nothing he can do.

If you try to enter the room again, you will increase your chances of achieving a certain ending. I recommend you do what you want, but you can see the Endings section if you want.

If you go back to the gate, you'll notice that it's now open. So proceed through the watery corridor of the Labyrinth that leads to a ladder; go up it.

Get the First-Aid Kit on the ground in front of you and follow the corridor to outside. Now you're in a catacomb. Get the Shotgun Shells near the southwest corner of the area, Shotgun Shells in the southeast corner, Shotgun Shells in the center to the north, and an Ampoule in northwest corner.

Also note the Save Point on a grave to the east. If you examine the graves in this area you will find these names: Walter Sullivan, Miriam K.

James must jump down his own grave. Once in his grave, continue down the stairs and follow the long pathway. Once at the end, go through the door.

Did you really die three years ago? Continue to the left until you see a boat, and get in it. Now you have to row the boat across Toluca Lake.

If you are playing Beginner, Easy, or Normal Action Level, it will be much easier to control the boat. Use the D-Pad buttons to go in the direction you want to.

Hold up to go forward, left to go left, and right to go right. But if you are playing Hard Action Level, this could be hard for you.

You will have to use both analog sticks. By rotating both analog sticks in a clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the left.

If you turn both analog sticks in a counter-clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the right.

To move forward, simultaneously turn the left analog stick counter-clockwise and the right analog stick clockwise. Now you know how to control your boat, so get moving.

Try to do this very fast because the time you take to complete this will count in your final ranking at the end of the game.

Under a minute is really good, but it will be very hard to get under a minute on hard. If you get under 1m20s, that's good.

At the beginning, turn your boat right for a few seconds and then stop. Move forward as the boat gradually stops turning.

If you do it right, the light should be in the screen. If you're still turning as it appears in the screen, stop and counter steer.

Now row forward towards the light until you reach the dock to your "special place", which is the Lake View Hotel.

You have reached your "special place", the Lake View Hotel. After the boat stage, equip your Shotgun until near the end of the game, if you haven't already.

Now run forward to the courtyard of the hotel. On the left fountain you will find the "Little Mermaid" Music Box.

Take it and look around for the main entrance stairs to the Lake View Hotel and enter through the double doors.

You will need to find a map. When you look at the map, you'll notice that in box of Room it says "Waiting for You Next, enter the "Lake Shore" Restaurant and go over to the area with the tables.

Grab the "Fish" Key on the set table and then try to head for the exit. As you see in the video, Laura is here. She scares James by playing the piano.

This video is pretty important. So Mary couldn't have died three years ago! Laura apparently lost another letter and runs away to find it.

When she's gone, examine piano for a funny comment on Mary. You are done here so exit to the main hallway. There will be two Doormen out here and they are coming after you.

Shoot them both twice with the Shotgun so they fall to the ground, then kick them. If you need or want Rifle and Handgun ammo, go through the 3rd door on the left of the west side of this corridor, which is a Store Room.

Kill the Mannequins in the area and enter the open room through the doorway at the end to the left. Get the Rifle Shells on the boxes and Handgun bullets x3 on the shelf.

Exit the Store Room and enter the lobby through one of the two large doors. There's a Save Point on a chair in the northwest.

Head to the Reception to find a note on the counter about James' videotape. It says that his videotape that he left is in the safe in the Office on 1F.

Go through the door to the inside of the Reception. Grab the Key to Room in one of the key boxes and exit the Reception. Then go back to the main hallway and go down to B1F.

Once down here, make your way past the two Mannequins and grab the Thinner in the elevator. Then go back upstairs.

You are done on this floor so go up to 2F via the slim staircase. Also, don't count on getting to Room soon. You'll notice that there is a locked gate blocking the 3F hallway.

Move behind the counter and get the Shotgun Shells x2 and Handgun Bullets x2 on the shelf. Then examine the locked briefcase on the counter to the left.

Use the "Fish" Key to open it, and take the Key to hotel Room inside. Exit the room and go to James' left, down the corridor and get the Handgun Bullets x2 on the semi-circle table by the window.

Check out the Reading Room for Shotgun Shells to the right on the small table in the corner, and a Health Drink further back. More Shotgun Shells are on the middle-left shelf.

The next thing to do is to go to the west wing of rooms. Inside on a desk you will find the Employee Elevator Key.

Continue investigating, and you will find that there is a hole in the wall to the left, so you can access Room There was only credits. So I took a look at the.

And it now works perfectly. TL;DR: Your game files might be lacking the cutscenes or movies, whatever they're called , find them.

Note: I have the Enchanced Edition installed, I don't know if it has something to do with this problem though.

Ham Slammo 0 point. I am also having an issue with saving. Whenever I try to save on the first save point it says 'Game Save Damaged' and tells me to delete it, which I keep doing - but there isn't actually a way to save.

Kind of pointless to go through all this just to find that I can't save. This is an emotionally-draining, hour game that I am absolutely not going to play all in one sitting; can anybody help?

I found sh2pc on the crack file and copied it but I still don't know where to find the game directory and Local Disk in the files? I'm having the insert CD 1 problem but when I found the crack folder in the game files nothing was there, i copied it anyways but I don't know where to find the game directory, can anyone help me?

KD 2 points. Just to let you guys know I encountered an unable to save game problem this might also happen to others. Is there a tutorial video on how to install this?

I'm really unfamiliar with this process and am having a really difficult time. Kachigga 5 points. Okay, for those of you struggling with the Insert Disc 1 issue after installing the game, I have found the solution!

It took a while, but is not all that difficult. So, I'd recommend WinCDEmu for mounting, and you'll need to mount disc 1 of silent hill 2 whenever you want to play.

You'll also need to go to the Iso folder, the CD1 folder, and then the 'crack' folder, where you should see an application called sh2pc.

Copy this file and then go to Local Disk, then Program Files x86 , then Konami, and you should see the content for silent hill, unless you've saved your installed files elsewhere.

You should see another application also called sh2pc. Replace this application with the one you copied from the crack folder, check disc 1 is mounted and silent hill 2 should launch!

W55 1 point. I'm not sure of the need for alternative install methods present in the comments. Malicious intent?

Using Windows 10, I installed the downloaded game without external programs, following the provided instructions and it just works.

Once installed be to launch the game file 'sh3. Maio art ros U Delux 0 point. I need it explained thoroughly, as I am not an expert with downloading!

I couldn't do it. I tried that, but it doesn't Either save or close the game. Vro 0 point. Does anyone know what to do?

Io 2 points. After installing WinCDEmu, what do i have to do? I tryed to open CD2 and CD3 but it doesn't work.

Henry 1 point. Pigface 3 points. Right, I've installedit, started the game, but it just asks for silent hill disc 2?

Hmm, any help please? Can I just burn the iso file to a disk and not have to use nocd or any of the other patches.

There's an introductory video that walks you through all the fixes and mods and the entire site is devoted to helping you through each installation step by step.

This is a community driven project with updates still incoming. Check them out. Game Fan 2 points. Works just fine!

I'm using WinCDEmu. First of all, open the Disc 1 and install. Then, it will ask to insert the Disc 2. Go the the Disc 2 image, right click on it, and select letter and the unity for example: F:.

Do the same with the Disc 3. Then, download the NOCD patch, wich you can find on the site. Sister Twi 26 points.

I ran into 2 problems when trying to install this and I found solutions for both of my problems. I hope these solutions help you guys as well!

Firstly, do not use Daemon tools. The other problem I ran into was my Setup. This is what I did to resolve the issue.

I went under Setup. Then it works. For newbies who need more help for installing Mount Disc 1, run the setup.

Then once that installation reaches a certain percentage again, it will ask for Disc 3, which you, of course, unmount disc 2 and mount disc 3 on the same drive.

Once that is done, it requires you to place disc 1 back in. Unmount disc 3 and mount disc 1 on the same drive.

Okay, for those of struggling with the Insert Disc 1 issue after installing the game, I have found the solution! And traumschiff periode 1 you do want to walk, which is never really necessary, just hold Square. After the puzzle is solved, Maria will get the Acacia Key. The door is locked and the stairway is filled with water. Enter the washroom, where gaslicht noise is coming from, and a video will play. If you try to enter the room again, you will increase your chances of achieving a certain ending. The door is mysteriously unlocked so go through it.

Silent Hill 2 Stream German - Weitere Serien und Filme

Listen mit Silent Hill: Revelation. Ist halt Silent Hill. Es ist halt Silent Hill der geht nicht 2 n halb Stunden. Habe ihn im Kino gesehen und war wirklich begeistert. Der Fluch der zwei Schwestern. Am Abend ihres Don Carmody.

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